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Abrasive Safety Train the Trainer Courses

The Abrasive safety "Train the Trainer" course has been developed and accredited by the BAF to provide training to in-house trainers to enable them to provide accurate, up to date Abrasive training to their staff and for Training companies who wish to increase the courses they offer.

Why should your employees take this course?

The improper use, handling and storage of Abrasive products can lead to serious and sometimes fatal accidents. This has been recognised in the UK and is now covered by legislation. This legislation makes it a legal requirement that operators, and those involved in the use of Abrasive Wheels are properly trained.

Depending on the number of employees you have it can sometimes be more cost and time effective for some of your employees to attend the train the trainer course, and then impart their knowledge to everyone else.

The course can be adapted to suit: Supervisors, Managers, and company trainers (Previous training experience is a benefit, but not essential. This course covers both trainer and abrasive training). There is no pre-course work and no previous qualifications are required.

What is the course and what does it include?


  • Participant inclusion
  • How to avoid "death by PowerPoint"
  • Learning styles
  • Telling vs teaching
  • Assessments
  • Active Learning
  • A comprehensive set of BAF approved course notes for each trainee.
  • Training guidance and support
  • Hazards associated with the use of abrasive wheels
  • Types and design of wheels (including specification, to avoid incorrect selection)
  • Inspection, testing and storage (including damaged/fault wheel checks and ring test)
  • Mounting of wheels (including a practical "verification of competence" test, ensuring safe mounting procedures are followed and tool care is adhered)
  • Ensuring a safe working environment
  • PPE
  • Safe use of abrasive wheels
  • A test at the end of the course to ensure the participant has understood the content


What will your employees receive?

Attendees will receive an engaging training course from an experienced trainer, where all of the relevant knowledge will be imparted. A proof of attendance certificate will be provided on successful completion of the validation (consisting of a theory test and a practical observation).

As all of our abrasive safety train the trainer courses are accredited by the British Abrasive Federation (BAF), all successful candidates will receive a BAF accredited certificate  Abrasive safety training course should be provided to anyone who comes into contact with Abrasives wheels (i.e. Grinding Wheels, Cutting Discs), or who is responsible for those who do. Including:

Setters, Operators, Supervisors, and Stores workers.

What type of abrasive safety training courses are available?

Private courses

Southern Power Tools prides itself on ensuring that each private course we provide is tailored to your employees needs, ensuring that the course content is as relevant as possible. Private courses can be tailored to focus on either Handheld and bench grinding machines (e.g. angle grinders, petrol saws, pedestal grinders), or precision grinding machines (e.g. cylindrical, surface, internal) if required, or cover everything. Private courses can take place at your site or another site of your choice, thus reducing your employees travel time. For a quote and more information please contact

What's the cost?

Costs for abrasive safety train the trainer courses vary dependent on: Overall number of attendees and the number of attendees you wish to have on each course. Generally the more attendees per course, the lower the cost per attendee. For more information or an individual course please email

Equal opportunities

We welcome attendees of all abilities and backgrounds, however currently all of our courses are only conducted in English.